PROJECT BRIEF: This video was a part of the Enjoy Swansea Bay promotional campaign for Swansea council, highlighting the best of what Swansea has to offer. For this video we wanted to capture the atmosphere of this seasonal attraction and show the fun that can be had by people of all ages.

We quickly decided that the story for the video needed to include the awe of a young child, but also show that it's the ideal place for a winter date or night out with friends and family. We selected aspects of Winterland that we felt would have the greatest appeal, namely fairground rides and the ice skating rink. This made the filming a little more difficult than our usual shoots, as taking a camera on rides or ice makes it much harder to get the shots you want. We primarily filmed on our Sony A7Sii not only due to portability, but also for its unbeatable low light capabilities. We also used a 50ft camera pole in order to capture aerial shots in this busy environment, without the complications and risks that come with drone use.


When editing the video we felt that music would be the most important factor is creating a sense of magic, so we selected something light but festive. The finished video was used to promote Winterland and the Admiral Ice Rink across the Christmas period.


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